Though only recently established, our company brings together two professionals with over 45 years combined experience in the service industry. Our mission is to make our clients’ life in Cairo a little easier by consistently providing high quality and good value services to the expatriate community.

We provide transport solutions through our private hire taxis and long term car rental and help simplify your move to (or within) Cairo with relocation services and assistance with local bureaucracy.

Ayman Kamel: Owner & Transport Manager

Ayman has been taking care of his clients’ transportation needs since 1995; initially as a solo driver renting a cab in order to supplement his income, his dedication to complete customer satisfaction quickly earned him an outstanding reputation and a solid client base. Within six months he was able to purchase his own car and employ other drivers; our business is such that we now employ in excess of twenty drivers and are able to provide transport for any occasion – from saloon cars to large tourist buses.

Nick Rockingham: Operations Manager & Relocation Consultant

Nick handles enquiries, administration and relocation services. He has lived and worked in Cairo as a relocation consultant since 2005, providing a range of expatriate services including preview trips, accommodation and school searches, orientation and settling in. He has a reputation for going above and beyond the call of duty and is unstinting in his efforts at making the transition to life in Cairo for new workers and families as stress-free as possible.

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