The ‘gift of the Nile’ has captivated its guests for millennia; hardly surprising given that few places on the planet possess a history as rich, diverse and well-preserved or a people as warm and hospitable as Egypt’s.  

Most of the ‘big beasts’ of world history have passed through here at one time or another – from the 50,000,000 million year old ‘walking’ whales of Wadi Rayan, through the Pharaonic, Islamic and Ottoman eras to the 20th century Brits – and all have left their own indelible footprint.

We’ll show you as much of this treasure as your time and energy permits and, in addition to city tours and Nile cruises, we offer desert adventures and off the beaten track tours that allow you truly immerse yourself in the culture and (sometimes hidden) beauty of this astonishing land.

Our clients are so much more than mere fee paying visitors, you are our guests and will have your own ideas about what you’d like from your holiday. So, whilst we’ve made our own suggestions, please browse these pages and if you’d like to do something a little different we’ll be only too pleased to design a tour that suits you!