Relocation Services

Preview Trips’s preview programme offers our clients an extensive introduction to Cairo life. It is designed to meet specific needs and interests by addressing housing, community and lifestyle issues and is ideally suited to anyone considering relocating to Cairo.

The program includes:

  • Cairo information pack
  • Pre-arrival questionnaire
  • Collection from and return to hotel or office
  • Accompanied tour of Cairo
  • Overview of residential areas and community facilities
  • School visits, as required
  • Overview of lifestyle, culture, leisure, travel and language
  • Follow-up email to address any queries or issues arising from the visit

Home Search

Our home search programme streamlines the house-hunting process and ensures that our clients find accommodation best suited to their lifestyle and budget. We work with the client before their arrival to ascertain their needs and outline housing options and provide a previewed shortlist. On arrival we accompany the client on property viewings, providing objective information and advice on residential areas and individual properties and assist with landlord negotiations.

The programme includes:

  • Pre-arrival questionnaire/support
  • Inspection of shortlisted properties
  • Transport from and to hotel or office
  • Accompanied tour of residential areas appropriate to lifestyle and budget
  • Independent neighbourhood and property appraisal
  • Assistance with lease and property condition negotiations
  • Assistance with property handover and utility connections as required.

    Settling-In Assistance/Orientation

    Our orientation tour is designed to ensure that new families settle into Cairo life as quickly and easily as possible by providing them with a tailor made neighbourhood introduction. In addition to an extensive neighbourhood tour our clients’ benefit from local knowledge of quality goods and services – from recommended local greengrocer/doctor/tradesman to the best places to find ‘from home’ essentials.

    The programme includes:

    • Cairo information pack
    • Visit to shopping mall/supermarket
    • Visit to the Community Services Association centre (CSA) – Cairo’s one-stop expatriate facility
    • Overview of health facilities
    • Overview of leisure, retail and sport facilities
    • Advice on domestic staff, transportation and culture
    • Introduction to expatriate clubs and associations

    Education Assistance

    We understand that the provision of education is a crucial factor in determining whether or not to relocate to Cairo. Whilst many parents now carry out most of their research into schools online, a campus visit is an essential part of the selection process – whether it be a tour of the school’s facilities or an interview/assessment.

    The programme includes:

    • Scheduling appointments for school tours and interviews/assessments
    • Transport from and to hotel or office
    • Independent school appraisal as required.

*Typical home search duration is 3 to 4 days